Certificate in Computer & Information Technology (CCIT)

Programme/Course Fee: Rs. 5,600/-

Computer knowledge and skills are critical for maximizing efficiency in the modern workplace. The networked computer is both an integral component of business and an empowering tool for the individual. This is course provides a foundation in understanding the technology, architecture, and applications of information technology. It surveys the evolution of the networked computer system, PC and networking hardware and support issues, operating systems, and database management systems, as well as fundamentals of wide and local area networks. Also covered are the fundamentals of procedural programming languages. This Personal Computer Training Programme teaches how to deal with the business applications commonly used in the workplace today.

Objectives of the Programme

The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To understand terms and concepts used in IT.
  • To understand design of computer and how it works.
  • To distinguish between different types of operating systems.
  • To learn effective use of Office tools.
  • To explain why databases are important in user productivity.
  • To explain the need for local and wide area networks.
  • To understand the usage of Internet / WWW / E-mail.

Programme Structure

The programme comprises of the following courses:

Theory Courses

  • CIT-101 Fundamentals of Computing
  • CIT-102 Computer System
  • CIT-103 PC Software
  • CIT-104 Emerging Technologies
  • CIT-105 Computer Programming (C, C++)

Practicals Courses

  • CIT-112 Computer System
  • CIT-113 PC Software
  • CIT-114 Web Technology


  • CIT-115 Programming
  • CIT-200 Project



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