Certificate in Computer Hardware & Network Technology (CCHNT)

This is a distance learning course for which classes are conducted on weekends so that person already employed can take advantage of the same

Programme/Course Fee: Rs. 12,000/-

The Certificate in Computer Hardware & Network Technology aims to provide technical skills and expertise in the fast growing field of computer hardware and network engineering. This programme consists of ten (10) courses with extensive laboratory work followed by industry-based project. Its main thrust is in the field of hardware development and state of the art network environment. It is for both working professionals who want to upgrade their knowledge in self-paced manner and fresh graduates/ diploma holders pursuing their career in computer hardware, thus equipping them to handle normal operations as well as emergencies in installation, configuration and maintenance of latest computer hardware in networked environment.

Industry oriented project is exclusively devoted to practical training in an industry, which is its unique feature. Students are required to work on assembling, configuration and troubleshooting of computer hardware and networking installations in a multi-user and multi-OS environment. Advanced network technologies viz ISDN, ATM, FDDI, SONET etc are also covered.

Objectives of the Programme

The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To strengthen the professional competency in the industry.
  • To give necessary exposure in the core topics of Information Technology.
  • To develop skill set, currently required in computer Hardware and Network Technology.
  • To understand key features and administrative tasks of Network Operating System and discuss techniques and algorithms employed in the design of network.
  • To establish local and network resource security.
  • To understand the Internet/Intranet architecture.
  • To design and configure a secure Window/Linux Operating System Infrastructure.
  • To apply the knowledge drawn from academic into real-world setting by taking a live project from the industry.

Programme Structure

The programme comprises of the following courses:

Theory Courses

  • CCH-101 Operating System
  • CCH-102 Fundamentals of Computer & Networking
  • CCH-103 Computer Network
  • CCH-104 Operating System
  • CCH-105 Trouble Shooting
  • CCH-200 Project

Practicals Courses

  • CCH-111 Computer Hardware Lab
  • CCH-112 Operating System Lab
  • CCH-113 Computer Network Lab


  • CCH-114 System Administration Lab
  • CCH-115 Trouble Shooting Lab



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