Application Development

Wide range of IT development solutions

  • Experienced, skilled, highly qualified and technically proficient staff dedicated to your project
  • Full cycle software development process, right from product design and offshore software¬†
    development to outsourcing application support, maintenance and enhancement
  • Cutting down and integration of multiple process initiatives
  • Unparalleled speed of execution
  • Business Analysis
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Compression of development time
  • Rapid execution
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Zero-error e-solutions

Armed with a vast experience in offshore outsourcing, MERIT has helped multiple companies to achieve their objective to cut down their costs while retaining or improving the quality of their software. At MERIT, experts not only focus on building and developing applications using cost and time efficient software components, but also enhance customer relations and increase revenue opportunities. Enriching the quality and reliability, MERIT provides a diverse range of custom development, maintenance and data migration services to the clients.

Application Development Services

MERIT is specialized in providing a wide range of IT development solutions

  • Develops new applications and redevelops existing applications
  • Offers complete technical solutions to address new application development needs after studying the technical and economical/business feasibility
  • Provides high quality and cost efficient solutions using benchmarked development practices with a global delivery module.
  • Ensures usability, re usability, stability, consistency and quality

Application Maintenance Services

MERIT is specialized in providing total application maintenance services with a guaranteed flexible system that can grow along with your business. Maintenance requires lot of time. MERIT lessens your burden and helps you save quality time by taking care of your maintenance requirements. Maintenance is carried out by adopting a three phase model of maintenance for your old /existing application systems viz. corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance and perfective maintenance.

Application Migration Services

MERIT is an offshore application development company, specialized in providing swift and smooth application migration solutions that can move your key applications to evolve with the latest platform and operating systems. MERIT is armed with unique and exclusive application migration tools to automate the migration process. This automated migration process presents you cost-effective and low risk alternatives to replace or redevelop your existing applications. MERIT have experts who incorporate newer technologies to your older applications and vice versa.

We, at MERIT, provide solutions like

  • Client - Server Application Development
  • Distributed Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Browser Based Applications

Our application development offers you

  • Rich graphical user interface
  • Quicker development
  • Instant response to user input
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Cross platform compatibility