Our country is on the brink of a period of rapid changes. New knowledge learnt through IT enabled services is fast changing the shape of this planet. The wonderful thing is that the knowledge is self-generating. One new discovery leads to a chain reaction of new discoveries and knowledge.


Considering the importance of Information Technology and its impact in changing our nation into a knowledge society, General Mohyal Sabha (GMS) established "Mohyal Educational & Research Institute of Technology" acronym as MERIT.


Quality is the basis and Perfectionism is the ultimate goal in all our activities. Both are to be practiced on a continuous basis in a committed environment of teamwork that fosters innovation, leadership and expertise, as a result of value added education through self-learning process with hands-on training and online case studies.


To create an environment and facilities to mould the youth of the country into top-notch professionals, good citizens, and persons of character and integrity. It is proposed to achieve the above objectives through quality education using a judicious mix of gurukul system and state of the art learning technologies. The thrust is on the building of concepts and fundamentals. We believe, once this is clear rest just follows and leaders in the subject get created. The society would like to confine itself generally to the disciplines of new emerging technologies.